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Roving Shows

Roving shows are for those who don't necessarily want a choreographed show. Roving includes female Samba Dancers, male Brazilian Batucada Drummers and Capoeira performers. Roving shows also include photo opportunities with the entire cast!

Product Launches

Our launch shows are about getting the customers attention to what we are trying to promote.

we keep the potential customers interested by doing short bursts of energetic drums, acrobatics and colourful dancing within a few hours.


Team Building


How about bringing your team a fun activity that they never thought they would do?


Ever thought about playing Brazilian Samba drums?

Ola Brazil can offer team building events wIth the best drummers in the business.

About your event...

Our aim is to bring your event the highest standard of Brazilian and Latin Entertainment.


And for that reason we do understand that events can differ from audience numbers to venue size, special requirements due to the type of audience and also religious beliefs.


Our packages were put together due to customer demand and what they required throughout our 15+ years in the industry.


If none of our packages suit your event, please send us an email with your special requirements and we will be in touch with you to find out what exactly we can adjust to better suit your event.


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