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Ola Brazil has been a leader in providing Brazilian dancers for wedding entertainment in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and other parts of Queensland and NSW.


We understand that your wedding is something that will be remembered forever, so it is in our best interest that your event becomes a Carnival of joy full of colour, sounds and the energy of the Rio Carnival!

Booking a wedding show

Ola Brazil recommends a floorshow style performance for weddings.


This type of show have been very popular due to its stucture. It's a time where you and your guests can relax and enjoy a colourful and energetic floorshow.


Our floorshows offer a host which guides your audience through each segment. Our main goal is to transform your event into an unforgettable experience.


As most weddings are filmed and photographed, we want you to have full records of your special night. A special night of glamour, colours, fun, sounds and a lot of laughter!


Ola Brazil is about quality and professionalism, so when looking for wedding entertainment, keep in mind that one or two dancers will not bring you a full show experience in the same way that five or six dancers will.


Are you thinking of having Brazilian dancers for your special day?

Then look no further!!


Our team of performers are experts in birthday celebrations.

Where will your birthday party be held?

-Private venue?





We will come to you...

For your special day Ola Brazil can offer you all girls, all boys or a mix of the two in a full floorshow.

Talk to us for a recommendation on what type of show will best suit your birthday.


Ola Brazil has been a key player in providing Brazilian dancers to festivals in Brisbane, Gold Coast and other parts of South East Queensland. From small shows to a full production!


Some of our past festivals include: Tapas on Tedder on the Gold Coast, Teneriffe Festival in Brisbane and the Redcliffe Festival. Some of our past events also include The Latin Festival and The Sydney Fiesta in Sydney. 


If you are looking for colours, feathers, glamour, amazing sounds and an amazing vibe... Look no further!

Launches & Openings

Are you opening a new Restaurant or launching a new product?


How about having something different that will capture the attention of new potential customers?


Our past clients have discovered that energetic drums, capoeira acrobat performers and beautifully costumed samba dancers have brought a lot of attention to their launches and at times, even the media.


In 2016, Rio de Janeiro will be the centre of attention across the world due to the Olympics.


How about geting some of that attention for your business?

Talk to us about what we can do for you.

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